Medical Ultrasound

At New Beginnings Imaging, we’ve redefined the ultrasound experience. Serving Minot and the surrounding area, we skip the stress of travel and waiting room by delivering medical ultrasounds directly to your home. Can’t have it at home? No problem! Contact us, and alternative locations are available to ensure your comfort and convenience.

Comfort of Your Home

Enjoy the convenience of having your ultrasound performed in a familiar environment. Your entire family, including children, can share in the excitement of seeing your baby’s development without the hassle of clinic visits.

Assess your baby's well-being by evaluating movement, muscle tone, breathing, amniotic fluid levels, and heart rate.

Examines baby's development and identifies abnormalities.

There are some variables including a physician or OB provider order being required. Call to get all details and setup appointment

Medical ultrasounds require a doctor’s referral, which can be provided in written form or directly emailed to Newbeginningsimaging@gmail.com.